How to sell products on Daraz, a popular marketplace

About Daraz

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Daraz is a popular marketplace where you can sell or buy products. It was launched in 2012 and operating in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka and Myanmar in 2020. Here you can find different categories like electronics to household goods, beauty, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. Daraz was acquired by Alibaba group in May 2018.

Sell products on Daraz

It’s very easy to sell products on Daraz. There are just few steps and you’re ready to do. You can also get help from Daraz representatives incase if you get any confusion.

  1. Sign up – If you’re new seller then first thing you need to do is signup in Daraz. You can find signup button at top of the website
  2. Fill up the form

Now you’re ready to go.

Required documents: PAN or VAT registration, citizen certificate (nagarikta), bank account.

sell products on Daraz