Top free traffic sources to promote your website based on my experience

Google: Google is the best source of free traffic for all of us but getting in top is not as easy as we think if there is high competition. It doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can rank you website by using different techniques. It possible to get good amount of traffic from Google but it might take long time and effort. But if competition is low then you can easily get ranked. The most common techniques are long tail keywords, backlinks, social bookmarking, quality content, proper images, mobile friendly, loading speed (it doesn’t mean fastest loading than other sites), proper url format, keywords in title tags and meta description, image alt tags. SEO can be divided into two parts on page SEO and off page SEO.

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Facebook: According to our experience, the social media giant has lots of active users and it’s the good free traffic source. Facebook is a really good traffic source where you can find targeted traffic easily. Facebook groups are also powerful these days. But if you’re into affiliate marketing then it might not be as helpful as you think.

YouTube: Videos explaining the benefits of your products, services and offer can give you high amount fo traffic to your website. Video should contain helpful, problem solving content. If your video contain advertisement only then it might not be successful.

Twitter: using this as a free traffic source could be hard if you have little or no followers. The followers are a bit geo and niche targetted. The downside of using Twitter is that some the followers you get don’t last. Some brands have huge followers also so you can try it if you have time.

Instagram: Personally I’m not a big fan of Instagram as it is not give good user experience for desktop users. Mainly it is used for mobile users. If you’re a celebrity then you must not miss this platform as you can see Instagram in top search results in search engines, not in Google only but in other search engines too. It is good for travel industry also as we got many followers in short period of time.

Quora: Find topics related to your offer and answer questions but make sure your answers are detailed and actually solves the problem in the question. Then you can include your link but be carful you might get banned. Quora is strict when you share links. You can also create spaces on Quora too, write articles and promote your links.

Vk: is a Russian social media. Best part of this social media is we can also use English version. We can change Russian language from settings. According to our experience commenting on others post can give your more visibility and traffic. is another Russian social media that helps to get traffic. Here you’ll get more friend request as compared to Vk and there is high possibility that you’ll get banned if you do spamming. We suggest not to share lot of links here. Once you get banned you’ll not be able to open another account from same mobile number.

Reddit: You can easily get free traffic on Reddit but follow the rules and avoid over self-promotion. Doing fake upvotes from own account can get you banned in this platform. To make promotion easy for you, have aged account with high number of karma so you can create your own community which is called subreddit.

Pinterest: According to my experience if you’re into travel, fashion industry then this is the site you must not miss. I’ve used this site for many categories but found it is good for travel industry even when we’re less active. Travel related pictures have more impression that others.

Tumblr: Tumblr is a free blogging platform. Getting followers for new account is not easy but creating a Tumblr help you to get some traffic. You’ll get followers but slowly according to your post. But if you post get reblog and love (likes) then that day you can see more increment in followers.

WordPress: Free blogging in WordPress helps you. Till today we’ve not experienced huge traffic from WordPress but it is also a big name in the industry so try checking and testing things.

Blogger: It is free blogging platform by Google. Being active in Blogger can help you grow as you can see Blogger blogs in Google search results also. This is one of the free blogging platform that you should not miss. Low completion keywords will help you here.

Article submission sites: They’re plenty out there but I recommend you start with Medium, Hubpages because these platforms rank well on Google. For Hubpages, don’t insert any link into your first five articles so they can be published and pass Hubpages boot camp. After you’ve gotten out of the boot camp, you can now insert your links and get traffic.

Forums: Forum marketing is not as popular as in those days but there are still some good sites. You need to Google search to find forums. Register on the ones with lots of active users and high level engagement. You can also use websites like to check traffic status of the website. If traffic is low in the forum then it might not be helpful for you.

Medium: People says Medium is a good platform but I’ve not have long experience in Medium and I also don’t have good experience here. I feel like Medium is strict to it’s users.

Weheartit: is similar to Pinterest but it doesn’t sends much traffic and bans you for sharing links. Hot images are also not allowed here. This is not blogger friendly site.

We’ll keep adding and updating this content as we find new sites, methods and experience in above mentioned site.