Website designing HTML Part 1 Source code

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In this chapter we’re building our first web page with few sentences in the website and title tag. Title tag is very important for ranking in Google which is also known as Search engine optimization, in short SEO. Here is a blank HTML page that you can use in your project and save time writing … Read more

How do I clear my Internet browser history in Google Chrome?


View your browsing history in Chrome Open your chrome browser and press Ctrl+H in keyboard or navigate to the URL chrome://history Or click Chrome menu at the top-right side of the browser window and click History. Clear your browsing history in ChromeClick the Menu button Chrome Menu icon, choose More tools and then Clear browsing … Read more

HTML color name and code

HTML color name and code

Get HTML color name and code all in one place. White Colors Color Name HEX Color White   #FFFFFF   Snow   #FFFAFA   HoneyDew   #F0FFF0   MintCream   #F5FFFA   Azure   #F0FFFF   AliceBlue   #F0F8FF   GhostWhite   #F8F8FF   WhiteSmoke   #F5F5F5   SeaShell   #FFF5EE   Beige   #F5F5DC … Read more