How do I clear my Internet browser history in Google Chrome?


View your browsing history in Chrome Open your chrome browser and press Ctrl+H in keyboard or navigate to the URL chrome://history Or click Chrome menu at the top-right side of the browser window and click History. Clear your browsing history in ChromeClick the Menu button Chrome Menu icon, choose More tools and then Clear browsing … Read more

HTML color name and code

HTML color name and code

Get HTML color name and code all in one place. White Colors Color Name HEX Color White   #FFFFFF   Snow   #FFFAFA   HoneyDew   #F0FFF0   MintCream   #F5FFFA   Azure   #F0FFFF   AliceBlue   #F0F8FF   GhostWhite   #F8F8FF   WhiteSmoke   #F5F5F5   SeaShell   #FFF5EE   Beige   #F5F5DC … Read more

YouTube keyboard shortcuts useful while browsing and watching videos

YouTube keyboard shortcuts

YouTube keyboard shortcuts will help you to easily navigate and control your video playback. There are a number of useful shortcuts you can use. Here are the list of keys that you can use on your keyboard for better experience while watching YouTube videos. Youtube shortcut keys speedMake video speed slow: ,Press Shift and ‘,’ … Read more

All Ncell service code


Ncell is the first private mobile service provider in Nepal which was known as “Mero mobile” at the begining in 2004. It launched its service commercially in September 2005. In 2010, it was rebranded as ‘Ncell’ after it was acquired by Telia Company. In 2016, Ncell became part of Axiata Group Berhad. Then it became … Read more

Postal code of Sudurpashchim

postal code of Nepal

Province number 7 Postal code of Sudurpashchim Postal code of Daarchula Darchula D.P.O. 10100 Rapla 10101 Duhuti 10102 Malikarjun 10104 Joljibi 10105 Ritha Chaupata 10107 Gokuleshwor 10108 Sitola 10109 Marmalatinath 10110 Sipti 10111 Dandakot 10116 Postal code of Baitadi Baitadi D.P.O. 10200 Kesharpur 10201 Patan 10202 Khodpe 10203 Mulkhatali 10204 Gajari Changgad 10205 Dehimandau 10207 … Read more

Postal code of Karnali

postal code of Nepal

Province number 6 Karnali Pradesh Humla Humla D.P.O. 21000 Muchu 21003 Lali 21004 Sarkegadh 21005 Darma 21007 Srinagar 21008 Mugu Mugu D.P.O. 21100 Rowa 21102 Pulu 21103 Sorubarma 21105 Rara 21106 Sukhadhik 21107 Gumtha 21109 Dhainkot 21110 Jumla Jumla D.P.O. 21200 Dillichaur 21202 Tatopani 21204 Malikathata 21205 Kalikakhetu 21206 Narakot 21207 Hatsinja 21208 Chhautha 21209 … Read more

Postal codes of Lumbini

postal code of Nepal

Postal codes of Lumbini also know as province number 5 Bardiya Bardiya D.P.O. 21800 Jamuni 21801 Mainapokhar 21802 Motipur 21803 Magaragadi 21804 Baganaha 21808 Bhurigaun 21809 Rajapur 21811 Pashupatinagar 21813 Sanoshri 21814 Baanke Banke D.P.O. 21900 Suiya 21901 Bhojbhagawanpur 21902 Khaskusma 21903 Kohalapur 21904 Ramjha 21905 Udayapur 21907 Chisapani 21910 Godahana 21911 Jayaspur 21912 Khajura … Read more