Web hosting in Nepal

Web hosting in Nepal – We provide reliable web hosting services and our servers are fast loading in any part of the world. We have different serves according to your business requirements like shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated.

Web hosting meaning ?
Web hosting means the amount of space allocated on a server to a website for storing website files. For example: office space for operating an office. There are different types of hosting like shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated. They are differentiated by the kind of technology used for the server and its purpose.

How to choose a web hosting ?
If you don’t have high number of traffic(website visitors) in your website like less than 200 traffic a day then you go for sharing to VPS servers. Sharing will work but we suggest VPS for better performance and speed.
If your site has large number of visitors then cloud or dedicated servers will be necessary as sharing servers cannot handle traffic load.

Web hosting price in Nepal ?
Web hosting price is almost similar worldwide. Normally, in Nepal you can find it from Nrs. 1,000 and Nrs. 3,000 per year in the market. We suggest Nrs. 3,000 and above servers because before purchasing you need to think about server performance, customer care, service quality and after sales support.

what happens to website when hosting expires ?
When your hosting expires your site will goes down.