Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like making your website or online content friendly to search engines bots, especially Google. It helps your website show up higher in search results when people search for things online.

Think of the internet as a giant library with billions of books (websites). When you want to find a specific book (information), you ask the librarian (search engine) to help you. The librarian looks through all the books and gives you the ones that are most relevant and helpful first.

Now, imagine your website is one of those books. SEO is the process of improving your book’s cover (website design), making sure your book title (website title) is clear and accurate, and organizing the content inside (keywords and information) so that the librarian (search engine bot) can easily understand what your book is about. When your book looks good to the librarian, it’s more likely to be recommended to people looking for information on that topic.

In simple terms, SEO helps your website become more visible and accessible to people searching for information or products related to what your website offers, ultimately helping you attract more visitors.

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