Website or app which is better

If you wish to rank your website in search engines like Google then a website or web application is the best choice. Ranking in Google means free advertising for sales etc. If you wish to provide offline content like games etc then the app will be better. Please keep in mind that your website or web app can also act like a mobile app, for example How to add website to home screen of mobile

Which is cheaper mobile app or a website – Talking about cost website or a web app is cheaper than a mobile app. Cost depends upon the platform you use, features, etc.

Website or application examples – A website is a piece of information where you can read the content but cannot interact just like a paper brochure. For example normal websites, blogs, etc. A web application is a platform where you can interact like a desktop version of Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Website or app first – If you’re thinking about entering into the internet world then I suggest a website first because it is cheaper than a mobile app, and ranks in search engines. No one will download your mobile app unless you have a strong brand image, no or few competition in your app category, and spend a huge budget on advertisements, etc. You might also be thinking responsive website or mobile app responsive website is mobile friendly website and can act like a mobile app.

Difference between app and website

Online – websites can be used online only whereas mobile games etc can be used offline too.

Free advertising – after your website pages are ranked in Google your website might get noticed (free advertising) if you’re ranked in first or second page. Mobile app pages don’t get ranked in search engines. Website can be found anywhere on the web.

Space consumption – website or web application doesn’t consume space on your device whereas a mobile app needs to be installed so a mobile app will occupy your device space which might make a difference in performance.