SEO expert in Kathmandu, Nepal

What is the full form of SEO?
The full form of SEO is search engine optimization.

what is SEO?
SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get on top of search results to get organic traffic (unpaid/free traffic) from the search engine results page. In simple words, SEO involves making certain changes in the website, content that makes the site readable to search engine bots and more interesting to users.

What do search engines want?
Search engines want to provide the best content for their users according to their search queries. If a user gets relevant quality content just in a few clicks to what they are looking for then there will be a high possibility that the user will use that search engine again and again.

Seo expert in Kathmandu, Nepal

Seo experts can be categorized into 3 categories
Beginner seo consultant
Medium-level SEO consultant
Expert or experienced SEO consultant

Beginner SEO consultant – You’ll find many beginner SEO consultant and their advertisement here and there. It doesn’t mean they’re not good. Some of them might be geniuses too but you should always keep in mind that their small mistake can downgrade your website or even might not appear in search results. Mostly they will not reject any project and willing to start soon. The best part is that a beginner SEO consultant is not expensive.

Medium-level SEO consultant – Medium-level SEO consultant means who has a few years experience and has worked on a few websites. They might have ranked some sites and failed to rank some. Mostly they will not reject any project but they’ll look into competition, and difficulty in ranking and give you a quote accordingly.

Expert or long-experienced SEO consultant – Here I’ve used two words expert and long-experienced because people declare themself as an SEO expert but SEO is always changing. It changes so fast that the formula ranks on top might not work in the next six months. The worst part of SEO is today’s effective formula can hamper your website in the coming days. People try to be smart by fooling search engines and later search engines punish them. Someone who has long experience will not try to rank your website as quickly as possible using different search engine misleading techniques. SEO consultant who has long experience keeps learning, invests in testing, and tries different techniques that can produce better results. Long-experienced SEO consultants might not work in all categories. They’ll select projects according to the category they work.

SEO duration to rank top in search engines:
The time to rank a website in the search engine depends upon the competition level, keywords, and content. Some site ranks on top only with on-page SEO, some with 3 months, and other high competion sites will take 6 months to more than a year.

Project cost:
Cost depends upon people to people according to their skills. I’ve seen fees 5k(US$.50) to 50k(US$.500) per month on internet.

If your SEO consultant knows website designing, and development from source code, and can change or customize and understand codes inside the website then it will be an extra benefit for you. These days there are fewer people who work on source code like PHP programming language. PHP is a popular language used for developing websites.