What is organic traffic to a website ?

There are different ways to get traffic in your website. Among them paid and organic traffic is also popular. Paid traffic means you spend money to get traffic and organic means you get traffic without spending money. Website visitors coming from a search engine’s organic results and not from paid ads are called organic traffic to a website. You can also call free traffic.

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How do they come ?
When users type a query in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, they are presented with a set of results. User clicks on that result and website gets organic traffic.

Why is organic traffic important?
Organic traffic is important than paid traffic sources like Google paid traffic, Facebook paid traffic etc because the organic traffic is targeted, trusted by users. In addition to the above, organic traffic is important because you get free advertisement without spending a penny on ads.

Why your site is not getting organic traffic ?
If you have a website and you’re not getting any organic traffic then that means your website is not ranked in first page of the search engine. Normally, people click on sites that are on the first page of search engine only.

How to get organic traffic ?
To get organic traffic you’ll need to optimize your website. You can check errors in website, check for title tags meta description etc which comes under on page SEO. If competion is high and on page SEO is not sufficient then you’ll need to work on off page SEO as well.

How many traffic will you get from organic results ?

Number depends upon search query but once you get ranked in high competitive keyword then you’ll get good amount of traffic.

Will your website keep ranking on top once it gets ranked on first page ?

Position of your website in search results may differ from time to time. Search engines algorithm updates and other factors effects ranking.