Website making charge in Nepal in 2022

Website making charge is not so expensive in Nepal as compared to developed countries. Cost depends upon the features you wish to add in the website and technologies you use. Normally it starts from 5-6 thousand to 1 lakh above.

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Website can be categorized to three parts according to functions:

i) Static website – normally starts from 7 thousand to 35 thousand depending upon design.
ii) CMS website – CMS stands for content management website. In CMS website you can edit content of the website on your own. Normally, it starts from 15 thousand to 1 lakh above
iii) Web applications – This type of websites has special functions and made to perform certain type of tasks. For example: membership websites, social networking, food delivery, blood bank website etc. Cost will be below and above 50 thousand depending upon the functions of the site.

Website can be categorized to two parts according to web development process:

i) Opensource – Opensource is code free to use. There are many opensource technologies. In web development also there are many opensource technologies used like Drupal, Joomla, FuelCMS, Grocery CRUD, Concrete5, WordPress and many more. These days WordPress is popular in opensource website CMS. Cost of website setup depends upon content and requirements for customization or plugins etc. Normally WordPress starts from 15 thousand to 60 thousand as mentioned above.
ii) Customized – Customized websites are made from scratch with scratch with source code and design. Customized website are more flexible for modifications and secure but costly than opensource. Cost starts above 60 thousand to 1 lakh above.

Website making charge in Nepal in 2022 is not so high as compared to past years. Because of opensource technologies simple website designing cost is low but cost will go slightly up for customization and web applications.

How to keep Website making charge low ?
Sometime unnecessary or useless features makes your website making cost high. First you should be clear about your requirements and you should clear to your project manager (web designer/developer). If you’re not sure about your requirement then you can do some Google search. It will be easy if you give some example site to your project manager.

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