Ecommerce website design in Nepal


If you’re thinking of going online then there is a huge possibility in the ecommerce sector of Nepal. E-commerce is still growing and there are very few reputed brands. So there is a high opportunity if you have a good business plan or satisfied customers. We have worked for a few clients and according to … Read more

E-commerce websites in Nepal

E-commerce website in Nepal

Here we’ve listed some of the popular e-commerce websites in Nepal. Online shopping is gaining popularity day by day. Muncha is the most prominent name in gifting among Nepalese all over the world. Muncha was started as Muncha House in the 1920s. It is the first department store in Nepal and ventured into online … Read more

Advantage and disadvantage of Online Grocery Shopping

Advantage and disadvantage of Online Grocery Shopping

Advantage of Online Grocery Shopping: 1. Time – Flexible shopping according to your timetable. You can place your order at lunch time in your office or during free hours, after the kids are in bed. 2. Save time – Saves visiting, returning time and even saves from traffic jam. 3. Price – Quick and easy … Read more

How to start Online Grocery Shop ? Online Kirana pasal

online store

Requirements for Online Grocery Shop – Online Kirana pasal 1.Investment 1.1. Website Investment – for developing, running and website maintenance. 1.1.a. Domain – .com, (name of your website)1.1.b. Hosting – shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated servers (space where you store your product images, website files etc)1.1.c. Website – can be built using different technologies according … Read more