Web application development

Beside developing customized content management system we do develop different types of web application according to the requirements. We’ve already developed many web applications such as data bank, mass mailing system, online quiz, membership website, job portal, online food ordering, CV builder, RSS feed news application, multi level form for cleaning services cost estimation and submission, cost calculator, real estate marketplace etc.

What is a web application ?

Website is defined by it’s content, while a web application is defined by its interaction with the user. A web application is like a special website that you can use to do specific things, like shopping online, checking the weather, or playing games. It’s a program on the internet that helps you complete tasks or have fun.

There are different types of web applications which is not required to be downloaded. It can be accessed through a network using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera etc. There are different types of programming languages for developing web application. Selection of programming language depends upon the nature of any web apps. Amazon, Facebook are good examples of a web apps but there are other smaller web apps too.

Features of a web application (web apps)

  • Web application is designed for interaction with end users.
  • The user of web application can read the content of web application and also modify the data.
  • Web application mostly requires authentication.
  • Amazon, Facebook, etc.