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What we do ?
Website designing and web application development
Website Designing

we can make error free fast loading websites for better ranking in search engines.

web application development

we make different web applications using popular coding language PHP.

Top Nepali apps
Build & Design
SEO means search engine optimization

SEO is important for better ranking is search engines like Google, bing, yahoo etc.

where are we in seo

SEO is changing continuously. SEO techniques that worked few years before doesn't works today but we're aware of current trends in SEO. We're in web development and SEO business since 2009.

Seo expert in kathmandu, Nepal
Build & Design
Social media
Social media management
why social media?

Success of modern business heavily depends upon your online presence. Social media is low cost or free advertising if you could keep your audience engaged.

We can help you.

We can guide you or manage your social media for your promotion.

social media marketing


We’re Apple Technologies, a website desiging company in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have developed many SEO friendly responsive websites and web applications for the clients around the globe. We work on customized codes using HTML, CSS, PHP and opensource technologies like WordPress, opencart etc according to your requirements. Mainly we provide services like website designing, web application development, SEO, Social media management, web hosting, domain registration, website maintenance, content writing, IT consultancy.


website design

Website Design

We design beautiful websites from scratch or we can also customized or manage templates, themes etc to minimize cost.

Apps development

We help you to develop web applications to make your life easier. From 2009 to till today we’ve build many web applications.


We optimize your website so that search engine bots can easily crawl and understand your website.

Domain registration

Choosing a good domain name can help your business succeed, but using blacklisted domain names can have a negative impact.


Web hosting

There are different types of hosting available in the market. We provide servers according to your requirements.


Social media

You can think of us when you need help with handling your social media presence and social media optimization.

"Website designing Since 2009"

domain research package

Domain Research

Sometimes, a domain name can play a crucial role in the success of a business. A well-chosen domain name can be advantageous. Incorporating relevant keywords and other factors can also be beneficial.

Business opportunity analysis​

Before creating a website for your business, it’s a good idea to study the opportunities and challenges online. This will help you understand how likely your business is to succeed or fail online. We can analyze various aspects, such as the chances for success and the level of competition. This analysis will help to predict the future of your online business.

website audit package

Website Audit​

We’ll check your website in different ways, such as technical audit, content audit & design audit. We’ll help you to identify strength & weakness of your website. 

Why us ?

We provide a complete web solution. We offer everything you need for your website. Since 2009, we’ve been concentrating solely on websites, and we still do that today.

To get the best results, we keep focus on market trends, adapt to new trends and make our-self capable to provide quality website designing service. We can take care of everything technical, from building and hosting your website to keeping it up and promoting it through SEO and social media.


We provide online (Viber, Facebook, E-mail), phone or offline support.


For making a website, you’ll need a domain, hosting, and website. In Nepal, you can also find options for obtaining a free np domain.

You can create a free website using platforms like Blogger or other site builders. Additionally, you may also find free offers provided by various IT companies.

Typically, the cost for a WordPress or static website may start from Rs. 5,000, while semi-customized websites could range from Rs. 15,000 and above.

The price for a customized website may vary depending on your specific requirements. You might opt for a customized frontend, a customized backend, or both. However, for static websites, customization is typically limited to the frontend design only.