Advantage and disadvantage of Online Grocery Shopping

Advantage of Online Grocery Shopping:

1. Time – Flexible shopping according to your timetable. You can place your order at lunch time in your office or during free hours, after the kids are in bed.

2. Save time – Saves visiting, returning time and even saves from traffic jam.

3. Price – Quick and easy price comparison between different stores.

4. Reviews – You can choose online stores based on reviews they have on their website.

Disadvantage of Online Grocery Shopping:

There are a few reasons sometimes online grocery shopping might not work for you.

1. Product feel – you cannot feel the product while buying clothes etc.

2. Delivery time – Imagine that you’re cooking something and there is no salt. In that case, you cannot get products within a few minutes.

3. Delivery fees – Delivery fees in not a big amount but even a few amount here and there add up over time becomes a jaw dropping amount. You can cut these small expenses by doing the work yourself or choosing a free delivery service if available in the market.