Ecommerce website design in Nepal

If you’re thinking of going online then there is a huge possibility in the ecommerce sector of Nepal. E-commerce is still growing and there are very few reputed brands. So there is a high opportunity if you have a good business plan or satisfied customers. We have worked for a few clients and according to our experience response rate is good and there are not many marketing expenses as then is not much competition online, but it’s growing day by day. If you start early and establish your brand then you might eat up the competition.

You can find a variety of e-commerce website designs in Nepal on the internet. It’s easy to start an e-commerce website. You’ll need a domain name, hosting, and website.

Domain name



It means the name of your website like www….com

A place where you store your data like images, videos, and text (product images, product details, customer information, transactions, etc.)

In simple words, we can say it’s an online shop where you can upload product images and customers can select and shop.

E-commerce website price in Nepal

The price of an e-commerce website depends upon your requirements. According to the technology used, we can divide it into two parts

i) Opensource – It’s quick and cheap technology. Normally, starts from Nrs.6,000 (US$-60) to Nrs.25,000.

ii) Customized – It is made from source code and flexible during customization. It is expensive as it takes time to develop. For a fully functional e-commerce website, the minimum cost will be above 60,000.

E-commerce market Nepal

The e-commerce market is growing in Nepal. Because of some irresponsible sellers, there is a negative impact but there are popular good sellers too. The future of e-commerce is bright in Nepal.

E-commerce business model

i) B2C – business to customers (normal competition)
ii) B2B – business to business (very low competition)

For B2B you can set up a website where shopkeepers/retailers can

The e-commerce payment system in Nepal

Cash on delivery, online payment, bank deposit, etc.

Normally, cash on delivery is popular but besides this eSewa, khalti is popular for advance payment. You can also integrate a payment gateway into your website. If the customer is unaware of online payment then bank deposit will be helpful.