News website designing in Nepal

Top news websites in Nepal

In the vibrant digital landscape of Nepal, where information flows at the speed of light, the role of a well-designed news website cannot be overstated. A carefully crafted platform not only disseminates news but also serves as a gateway to connect people with the latest updates and events. News website designing in Nepal has emerged … Read more

HTML color name and code


Get HTML color name and code all in one place. White Colors Color Name HEX Color White   #FFFFFF   Snow   #FFFAFA   HoneyDew   #F0FFF0   MintCream   #F5FFFA   Azure   #F0FFFF   AliceBlue   #F0F8FF   GhostWhite   #F8F8FF   WhiteSmoke   #F5F5F5   SeaShell   #FFF5EE   Beige   #F5F5DC … Read more

Website or app which is better

website designing concept

If you wish to rank your website in search engines like Google then a website or web application is the best choice. Ranking in Google means free advertising for sales etc. If you wish to provide offline content like games etc then the app will be better. Please keep in mind that your website or … Read more

Website making charge in Nepal in 2023

website designing

A website-making charge is not so expensive in Nepal as compared to developed countries. Cost depends upon the features you wish to add to the website and the technologies you use. Normally it starts from 5-6 thousand to 1 lakh above. A website can be categorized into three parts according to functions: i) Static website … Read more