WordPress website samples

WordPress is a popular platform for creating websites, and there are many examples to inspire you. Imagine a website for a bakery with colorful pictures of delicious treats, easy-to-read menus, and a contact page for orders. Or picture a blog about travel adventures, with stunning photos, personal stories, and helpful tips for fellow explorers. Another example could be a business website for a local shop, featuring information about products, services, and how to get in touch. These are just a few samples of what you can create with WordPress, showcasing its versatility and user-friendly design options.

1. Yoga site – www.alphayoga.com.np

2. Religious site – http://www.swayambhunath.com

3. Fitness Center at Lalitpur, Nepal http://maabanglamukhifutsal.com.np/

4. Om Surya Spices specializes in commodities as:
herbs and spices, oils, dehydrated vegetable flakes, oleoresins, mosquito coils, tea and other popular items. https://omsuryaspices.com/

5. Focus on the health of the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul http://divinenaturecure.co.in/

Slightly customized WordPress websites


Bikalpa Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol-related problems at Tikathali. https://bikalpafoundation.org.np/

C Staffing Solutions is a premier nursing agency http://cstaffingsolutions.com.au/