How to type in Nepali ?

There are different ways to type in Nepali but we’ll talk mainly two methods here, using unicode and preeti font.

Useful website links -> Aambo web links

English to Nepali Unicode: If you wish to write Nepali easily without lerning Nepali typing then English to Nepali unicode method will be useful for you. This type of written article can be directly published in social media like Facebook. For this you’ll need to find unicode typing website like If you tye “sa” in English then it will output स in Nepali. This is a very easy method for those who don’t know Nepali typing and also don’t want to learn Nepali typing.

Preeti font: It is easy if you know Nepali typing. For this you’ll need MS-WORD. If you wish to publish article written in preeti font in social media like unicode then you’ll need to convert preeti font to unicode.