How to select website designer in Kathmandu according to requirements?

Are you looking for a website designer in Kathmandu and confused ? Then this article will help you to select proper designer for you. There are different types of designers, designing process and platforms. Time and cost depends upon your requirement. Types of website designers as as follows:

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  1. Designer who can design from scratch
  2. Designer who is dependent in WordPress

1. Designer who can design from scratch: This means these guys can design anything you wish to have or modify your current design according to your requirement. Only website designer who have knowledge of source code (HTML, CSS, PHOTOSHOP, Javascript), they can change source code and long experience in website designing can do this type of job. They are real designers with whom you can reply on.

2. Designer who is dependent in WordPress: Making website is easy in WordPress, just drag and drop. Some people claim themselves as a designer but in reality they purchase a theme and install it for you. They just do setup not designing. Incase if you need customization in the theme then they cannot do it even if you’re willing to pay for their extra work (customization). Only WordPress developers having knowledge of source code can do it. Please don’t get confused on people who do WordPress setup and WordPress developers. People who do only WordPress setup doesn’t have root knowledge.

If you’re not into serious project then you can hire any designer but if you’re on serious project then you’ll need to choose designer carefully. In WordPress backend (admin panel or dashboard) is pre-build, you need frontend design. But if you’re developing customized website then you’ll need frontend and backend both so you’ll need to select a designer who has designing skill and works as a developer or has a team of designer and developer. Developer is the one who has backend knowledge. For backend PHP is highly used as it is not costly to maintain (hosting cost).