Domain registration check

Are you looking for a domain registration and want to check if it is available for registration ? You have checked in Google or browser and it says website not found or the page is not loading. This doesn’t mean that the domain is available for registration. If so then you can do it easily. There are many website from where you can check it and you can also check from this web page

Useful website links -> Aambo web links

This way you can easily find your desired domain names but if you wish to register domain then you can do it from different website which is mentioned in above linked page.

Things to remember before registering a domain name.

  • Domain should not be very long because people may make mistake while typing. It’s better if your domain reflects your business or organization but sometimes it might not be possible.
  • Domain name should be short, sweet and meaningful if possible.
  • Try not to copy popular brands as it might put you into trouble later.
  • If keywords in your domain name has Google search then it might be helpful for getting organic traffic from search engines like Google.
  • Control of domain will be under your e-mail address so make sure that you’ve used secured password in your e-mail. It’s better if that e-mail is only used by a single person. Some e-mail address providers delete e-mail address after being inactive. So be sure that your e-mail is active until your domain is active. It doesn’t mean that your domain will be lost after e-mail being inactive.

Which domain extension is better for domain registration ?

Work of all domain extensions are same but .com is more common than other domain extensions for commercial business. You can also keep .info, .net, .biz, .shop and many more but as people are used to .com it will be easy for people to remember it. According to my experience sometime I remember domain name but forget extension which was other than .com. My first priority will be .com but for non profit organizations we must keep .org.